An unfortunate occurrence that happens with every dart player is the dart bouncing out of the dartboard and falling on the floor. Sadly, when this happens, the dart does not count even if you hit the target. So, it is important to know how to prevent your darts from bouncing out of the board.

The three main reasons for darts bouncing out and landing on the ground are the dart, the dartboard, and the player.

The dart

A dart that is too blunt or too pointy can bounce back after hitting the board. If you want it to stick to the board, then you need to choose a properly sharpened tip. Another problem is a dart too light. A light dart cannot penetrate the dartboard properly. Thus, it can fall out. So, you have to keep the weight of the dart in mind as well.

The dartboard

If your darts fall out despite being sharpened and you are hearing a metal sound when the dart is hitting the board, then your dartboard may be the problem. If generally happens when it is time to upgrade your dartboard. If you are using an old or cheap board, then consider upgrading it with a durable board. You may visit to buy dartboards that will keep your darts from falling out. When purchasing them, go for those having specially angled thinner and flexible wires that are designed to bend out when they are hit so your dart can get into the board.

The player

If you are throwing your dart lightly, then it will easily be stopped by a wire and fall out of the board. You need to work on your throw and hit the board a bit harder to make your dart stick to the board. The angle also affects the throw. So, work on your positioning and hit the board on a straight line.

Now that you know how to keep your darts on the board, what are you waiting for? Start practising and win the game.