second hand buses

If you are looking for a cheap bus to fill the gaps of your bus fleet, consider nice second hand buses. These are just as good as a factory new one, but just a lot cheaper! These buses have all been repaired and cleaned inside out to make sure they are all 100 percent safe! Womy stands for a cheap and reliable company which aims to make small companies big. They really give the underdog a chance to compete with the big league. This is because the big league companies would never buy a second hand bus, they all need stuff to be completely new and factory produced. Whereas smaller companies can enjoy all the advantages of cheaper buses.

Anything is possible

Now you might be wondering, does Womy want to help me? The answer is always yes! Yes they will. No matter where you are from, and where your company is located, Womy is always prepared to help. It’s not the first time they have to ship buses abroad. They previously had a massive project in West Africa where they had to deliver over 500 buses and even trained the local personnel. Projects like these are what differs a company from a good company. And Womy is really there willing to help anyone with anything. So don’t doubt if they are willing to sell buses to you.

Aiming for a global coverage

One of the goals of Womy is to actually be able to sell buses around the world. The example above is a great proof of this. They didn’t back down even though the order was massive and on the other side of the world! So if you have your own plans with your company, don’t be afraid to just go for it! Go for it and make it happen. Contact Womy and see all the options you have available!