Good music is a crucial thing at your wedding reception. Here the big question pops up: should you hire a band or a DJ? If you want the same wedding as everyone else, hiring a DJ is a great idea. But is it really nice for you and your guests to listen to the same hits again? Just like you did at the wedding from your friends. This is why we give you three reasons why you should hire a wedding band.

Not too much variety

A wedding band has a limited repertoire, but actually that’s a good thing. Your wedding won’t be better, because the DJ has a big database of more than 6000 songs. A wedding band plays well-known songs, from Top 40, dance and golden oldies to Motown, classic rock and more. Songs everyone loves. 

A band is just more fun

ecame musicians in the first place. They have a great time when they perform on stage and that’s contagious. Your guests will see how much fun the musicians have and they will also want to have fun too. This will lead to a great atmosphere.


If you hire a DJ at your wedding, you will hear the exact same song that everyone else hears. If you hire a wedding band, the musicians can customize the lyrics to the slow dance, a ballad or a jazz song.