Register companies in Netherlands

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Company register in the Netherlands

The most common company legal forms structures is the Dutch LLC. It is called ‘Besloten Vennootschap ‘ or BV. The Dutch law states a BV company structure is allowed to have multiple founders and shareholders. The founders can be individuals or companies, whatever you prefer. You can choose also the number of shareholders you like. If you prefer one shareholder who is also the manager of the company, it is certainly possible. Another great advantage of having a BV structured company, is that there is no requirement of minimum share capital. The only two requirements are the obligation the founder of the company needs to deal out one share with a voting right and you’ll need a Dutch registered address for your company. Before your company can be registered in the Netherlands, you’ll need the articles of association and a deed of incorporation to gain a public notary. So, because you only have a few basic requirements you are able to start your Dutch company in a very short amount of time.